Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chico Stands with Trayvon...

Yesterday, Joni and I joined about 100 other people in a March for Trayvon. There were a number of black clergy there. Good, solid, moral men. I was moved listening to their experiences of racial profiling and what it is like to be black in Chico. I was also moved by the local  leader of the NAACP. She isn't pictured in any of the photos because I was too busy listening to her stirring words.

New "Stand Your Ground" laws have led to an increase in homicide everywhere these type of laws have been adopted.

Before the March began, a black clergyman led the group in prayer. The leaders of the march also reminded everyone that this was a non-violent gathering. I didn't see any white clergymen (or women) in attendance. I've noticed lately that white clergy have not been standing up for social justice.

There was one police officer who drove by the march in his police car. Several of the marchers tried to get his attention, hoping he would look at their signs. The policeman ignored the march. He kept his eyes looking forward, not looking at the people marching. No smile. No wave. No eye contact. No recognition on his part of what was going on.

Here's Joni with our good friend, Karen Duncanwood. Karen went to Mississippi in 1964 and witnessed first hand, the racism present in Freedom Summer. Our friend, Jaime O'Neill, wrote an excellent piece about Karen's experiences that summer.


It was an honor to participate in this gathering. I've been discouraged as of late with all this bravado about "Stand Your Ground" laws and this near worship we have of guns in this society. It was nice to stand with people who are asking for sanity when it comes to guns and race relations.

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