Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sort of Back...

I've lost my ability and desire to write anything these last few months. Turns out that inimidating visit from a U.S. National  Park Ranger, who came to my door with a ticket book, took away my desire to write anything. And so I took a break. Yes, I wrote something for Chico Sol. And I wrote a piece against Marijuana for the Paradise Post. And I wrote a coyote news piece for the CNR. But that's been about it.

And I've been on the radio twice. Once talking about coyotes and Lassen Park for KZFR's "The Point Is". And again a couple days ago, giving my views on Marijuana on KZFR's environmental program, Ecotopia. I'm hoping I will be able to post the audio of these shows shortly.

I've lost my enthusiasm to put words on to screen after learning that some people who may not share my world view, and who might have some hostile intentions, look through these things hoping for some sort of "Gotchya" thing.

But I'm nearly over it.

I am still injured at work. I am getting better though after visiting a chiropractor (the non fast velocity kind) who really has been helping me. I think I will be able to return to work in March---nearly nine months after my injury.

And so keep watching these pages; there might be some more stuff here once and awhile. You can't get better at writing without writing. It takes practice. And  you also have to experience shit. Have a life. And read. No writer can write without reading.

I'm happy that one of the pieces I had published is up for an award. Maybe.

So keep watching this space. I'm back. Sort of.

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