Sunday, May 11, 2014

Carrot Quinn

Since I've been reading lots of blogs of PCT Thru Hikers, the best one, in my opinion, is by an enigmatic woman who goes by the name of Carrot. She states she was raised by a schizophrenic woman in Alaska who believed she was the Virgin Mary. That couldn't have been a good experience. Carrot seems to have struck out in life mostly alone, being resourceful as kids who have non functional parents often are. She rode trains in her 20's. She supported herself by buying first edition books on Ebay from those who didn't understand the value of what they had---and then resold them on Ebay to egghead yuppie professors with money who like that sort of thing. She finances her second PCT thru hike through donations from readers of her blog. She has 650 loyal readers.

Her writing is smart and edgy. She writes of survival mainly; this is a woman who has seen a whole lot. She has a masterful style with description. At 31 years of age, she seems both younger and older than her years. She is definitely counter cultural; this is not a person who will work in a downtown office building.

Her writing on the trail is honest. Earthy---she writes of chafing and smelly feet. She certainly fits into this young hip hiker culture. As she says, she is 31 years old but looks like a teenaged boy. During the off season, she lives in a house without running water or electricity. She also has spent time living in a trailer.

I invite you to sample her writing here. I'm hooked. This young woman has talent.


  1. She is a scammer. Raised money online more than twice, promising two books, neither has materialized.

  2. I am reading one of those books now, and it is excellent. Oh, and I paid for the book and consider it money well spent.

    Not much of a scammer in my opinion.