Saturday, June 21, 2014


Well, I don't know if much more can happen in just a couple of weeks.

Since my last entry I've quit a job of eleven years. We had Joni's Grandchildren move out of our house after ten years to go live with their Mother. Joni and I are empty nesters now.  I'm on my third laptop in three weeks due to the first laptop melting, the second couldn't connect to the Internet (I'll never buy an ASUS again after two tries)---hopefully this third Toshiba laptop is a charm. I took a five day backpacking trip across the Siskiyou Mountains during which time one of our dogs got bit by a rattlesnake. The dog lived---thanks to the fact we had recently vaccinated her against rattlesnake bites.

On top of that, the Oil and Gas Industry found a loophole in our petition to ban fracking in Butte County such that all of Joni's efforts to get that on the ballot in Butte County are at risk.

After being off-line for so long, I had hundreds and hundreds of e-mails to sift through. I am buried. To tell you the truth, not having access to this digital world was wonderful. We recently got rid of our cable television--after a couple weeks of an adjustment, we no longer miss it at all.

Which makes me think that weekly Sabbaths and Sabbaticals from the digital world just might be an enjoyable thing to do. I have a friend who doesn't answer e-mail every weekend. He leaves the digital world behind and only imbibes in that during the work week. Good idea.

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  1. An electronic (Internet) sabbath. Yeah, I like that idea.