Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Deep Dive...

Four days away from the Mid-term election and I have almost no excitement for it. Instead, I feel dread. I've been thinking about survival strategies to get through the next two years of the Republicans owning the House and the Senate. Do I follow along and enjoy the comedy of the situation? Or do I withdraw?

And the one issue that really affects me personally on the local ballot is the Cannabis Initiative. If Measure A is elected, we just might stop some of this awful growth out here in the Foothills; if Measure B wins, well, then Butte County becomes a pothead's delight for the foreseeable future. How to deal if the potheads win?

Again, do I enjoy the comedy of the situation? Or do I withdraw?

Humor and withdrawal are both equally decent defense mechanisms. One enables us to continue to engage in the world around us; the other enables us to survive that mean, new world.

The humor is going to have to wait: I see nothing funny about either a Senate full of Republicans or the Foothills filled with commercial cannabis entrepreneurs. Should we end up with both, I think I will take a deep dive.

I may even shut this blog down. Quit writing. Focus more on my bank account and less on the problems of the world. Retreat into work. Stop caring so much about all this stupidity around me. It seems like the stupidity increases just as quickly as the CO2 numbers climb.

The local Democrats got into trouble for putting out fake mailers. Some candidates that you think would know better got involved in this. Lupe Arim-Law, a good Democrat running for the Chico Council, signed up for one of them making her look like she got the endorsement of a Law Enforcement Group. And the Pot People bought into one that made it look like the Republican Party endorsed their issue. I'd expect such behavior from the Cannabis People--they will do anything, legal and illegal, to win. But the Democrats who did it surprised me. Especially Lupe Arim-Law.

I guess that's what happens when the local Democrats get into bed with the Pot Growers. They lose all sense of ethics. Which is one reason why I am seriously considering leaving the local Democratic Party. They are morally bankrupt followers of a herd. The local Democrats have become a childish, immature, sloganeering, urban, deceitful followers of whatever the current fad is. I haven't seen or read anything thoughtful out of any of them in a long, long time. The Butte Environmental Council has started a campaign against chopping down 25 trees in Chico, yet they totally ignore the sudden loss of decent Savannah Woodland habitat and the loss of the tributaries to Lake Oroville to illegal cannabis grows.

I grow tired of this battle.

You can't fight that kind of stupid. I may just have to re-register as an Independent.

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