Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flood? Climate Change and Doug La Malfa the Hypocrite...

This is a photo of the bridge that leads to our house taken by a neighbor on Sunday morning, Dec. 2, 2012. Normally there is a 10 foot clearance underneath the bridge.

I am safe and sound in the Napa Valley. Joni is home with the animals where she is quite safe. Our house is on top of a ridge. Our roof didn't leak despite receiving probably 12 inches of rain. Joni has lots of food and plenty of power since we make our own. As long as the bridge doesn't wash out, she will be fine. The girls are with friends, closer to school and away from being marooned.

Mount Shasta is supposed to have set a new snowfall record for a snow event in the United States. They claim around 220 inches of snow fell there. Climate change scientists state that storms will become wetter, wilder, more severe. Because of the increased temperature, our atmosphere is already around 5 percent wetter in the last thirty years.

And yet, our local politicians don't accept the conclusions of the scientists. Our newly elected House Representative, Doug La Malfa, has claimed the only climate change he believes in is when seasons change. He is a Green Energy foe.

So why is Doug La Malfa  appearing at a Chico Waste Plant this week to cut the ribbon of a methane from garbage energy plant touted as a way to reduce greenhouse gasses? The irony is that the company that built the plant, Ameresco, is a leader in renewable energy and has been a recipient of stimulus funds. Horrors!

La Malfa didn't support the stimulus. Yet he is cutting ribbons for energy plants that were built with the assistance of local, and federal, government. Doug is all about small government and freeing up the creativity of the private sector. These guys always hate government until they can step in and take credit for something. Good ole Doug is following in Wally Herger's steps nicely in that regard.

And if that isn't awful enough, here is Doug La Malfa engaging in a bit of magical thinking, doing the Michael Jackson Moonwalk, as he selects the lottery for where his office will be. At the end of the video La Malfa pontificates about watching the movie "Lincoln" with new colleagues and how deeply moved he was by the experience. He talked about the vote that ended slavery in the United States. I wonder if he will develop some backbone and stand up to the oil companies that are enslaving the planet as the photo of the bridge demonstrates?

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