Thursday, November 29, 2012

Waiting for the Superstorm...

I came home early to get ready for the storm. So far, not much rain. A bit of wind is blowing right now. A blustery day. Best not to get too over confident; it is still early.

I went to a Democratic Party meeting last night. The county chair stated he was happy with Butte County's election results. Ever the party pooper, I spoke up and said that I wasn't happy. Only 56 percent of Democratic mail voters returned their ballots as opposed to 61 percent of Republicans. Of course, some of those vote-by-mail voters could have returned them on election day. Overall turnout was 71 percent, as opposed to 80 percent in 2008. Obama didn't carry the county. The guy we ran for Congress didn't carry the county. He had hopes of carrying Butte County by 10 points which is the only way we will ever elect a Democratic Representative again.

Prop 32 did prevail in Butte County (that's Jerry Brown's State funding tax). Turns out that things that got decent exposure through ads on TV won. Chico elected three progressive council members. That's the extent of the good news. The bad news is that the GMO initiative failed in Butte County, even though the thing was written by a Butte County resident. The Democratic Party remains splintered with all the likely members not talking to each other. Or helping each other.

When I brought up the idea that we actually try to do something to defeat the Republican Crook, Jim Nielsen, in the special election on January 8th for State Senate, there was no support for the idea. We did talk about having a Christmas Lunch on the 12th though. I'm sure it will be a fine lunch. They decided to have it on a Wednesday at lunch time because many members of our club can't go out at night.

The local Democratic Party functions more like an aging Politburo rather than a functioning political party.

Meanwhile the wind is blowing outside ever harder. We await the storm.

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