Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Superstorm Sandy?

I gave up a shift at work in order to return home one day early. Why? Because rain is in the forecast. And not just a little sprinkle: The National Weather Service states that eastern Butte County will receive between 12 and 20 inches of rain in a four to five day period. And to make it worse, winds are supposed to gust to 45 miles per hour.

And so today we got ready for the storm: I went to the library, the doctor, the pharmacy, the hardware store (for tar to put on the roof if it leaks), the gas station. We shored up a wall we are working on with plastic. We brought in dry wood. Since there is more than a small chance that if we actually do get 20 inches of rain, the bridge out of here will be impassable, we have enough provisions to last a week. We have books to read, a functioning romantic wood stove and plenty of food (including some fresh Dungeness crab).

A 20 inch storm is way more rain than New Jersey got during Superstorm Sandy. Sooner or later we will have our own superstorm. This could be it. Sacramento's levees  are 100 years old and weak. Sacramento sits at 5 feet above sea level. Sacramento is the next New York, Staten Island, Atlantic City, New Orleans. It will happen. Maybe this week.

The good thing is that because we make our own power, we don't have to worry about the power going out.

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