Saturday, November 24, 2012

Red Bluff County Supervisors Agents of Agenda 21?

The real view from my deck. Another super day here in the Foothills with balmy temps approaching 70 degrees.

Just when I thought I've seen it all,  an article in the Red Bluff Daily News surfaces to amaze me. Baffle me. Shock me. Disgust me. Evidently, Tehama County has a new coordinator for Trails and Open Spaces. The Tehama County Tea Party showed up to protest this as part of the County Supervisors secret following of Agenda 21. In case you don't know what Agenda 21 is---Agenda 21 is supposedly a secret ploy by the United Nations to control our lives by forcing us into a servile environmentalist and sustainable state.  Glenn Beck has a new novel out about it. This all goes back to a UN document, non binding, from the early 90's that discusses the admirable goals of sustainability and environmentalism. The Kooky Right Wingers have adopted this as some sort of Communist/Socialist/UN plot to rule the world.

The Red Bluff Daily News article is really worth reading if only for the entertainment value. This section amazed me, describing one of the attendees of the meeting:

Tom Mohler, a regular attendee of the board meetings, said Agenda 21 has been pushed in America for decades, but few people see it. "We're seeing it, the ones who read through the Internet, what the government puts out in documents", Mohler said. During public comment, Mohler described a future in which people would be forced to live with five others in 20-by-20 living spaces with push-button furniture in high-rises across major cities. The complexes would serve three vegetarian meals a day, feature mosques and have a 24-7 on-call doctor to discuss taking one's own life.

Agenda 21 was brought up multiple times during the board meeting.

To its credit, the Redding Record Searchlight wrote a strong editorial against the Tea Partier's extreme behavior. It by no means was kind towards environmentalists. In fact, it states:

But if north state residents have problems with environmental laws, their beef isn't with the United Nations. It's with Bay Area liberals.

And it certainly isn't kind towards those of us who might believe in "Rewilding". However, it did talk back to the lunacy of the Kooky Right Wing that is so much on display here in this part of Red Northern California.

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