Friday, April 26, 2013

Doug LaMalfa, the Energizer Bunny of the Christian, Fossil Fuel, Radical Right.


Keep tabs on the local Republicans out here in the hinterlands of California and you will soon come to realize that these folks are a few eggs short of a dozen. And in trying to understand the local politicians like Doug LaMalfa and Dan Logue, it will behoove you to figure out if they are just playing to the gallery or are they really that stupid and Neanderthal?

In LaMalfa's case, I really do think he believes most of the venom that he spews. He is as slick as snot on a doorknob. Unlike his predecessor Wally Herger, LaMalfa seems to be intent on actually doing something in Washington in addition to lining his own pockets with cash. He has the energy of a zealot. And he has figured out that constituent service is the way for the most whacky of whacked out Right Wing politicians stay in office. His staff members are answering e-mails regarding letters to the editor before 7 am on Saturdays. That's devotion. (And it also explains why I no longer am included on LaMalfa's twitter feed, Facebook page or his Chief of Staff's Twitter feed).

Everyday LaMalfa is coming out with something awful. Earlier this week he stood in the hallowed floor of the House of Representatives and praised China for their lack of environmental regulations when it comes to burning coal. Even though there is no coal mining going on in our District, and despite the fact that we are amongst the sunniest Districts in the US (Go Solar!), LaMalfa whored himself to the coal interests by standing in support of a Kentucky politician who was calling for relaxing environmental standards when it comes to the production of coal. Shame.

The next day, LaMalfa endorses a local anti Gay Sutter County Supervisor, James Gallagher, as LaMalfa's handpicked successor to State Assemblyman Dan Logue. Brian Gallagher acted surprised when LaMalfa put out his press release. LaMalfa alluded to working with Gallagher on flood control projects. They might have done that, but the only thing they really have worked together on is making sure that our school books don't point out that some very influential people have been Gay or that Gays and Lesbians should not have the right to marry. James Gallagher headed up the effort in Sutter County to pass Prop 8, which banned Gay Marriage in California. In this video, Gallagher and LaMalfa are seen collecting signatures to stop the teaching of Gay History in our public schools. It seems that the contributions of Gays like Gore Vidal, Leonard Bernstein,Walt Whitman and J. Edgar Hoover should remain forever safely hidden in the closet.

The video is obnoxious, but instructive. I don't agree with the amateur videographers "in your face" style--nor do I agree with his Libertarianism---but the video does point out just how extreme LaMalfa and Gallagher are when it comes to the Politics of Sexual Preference.

And now LaMalfa is out trumping up Keystone as a way to energy independence. Doug LaMalfa is quickly making a name for himself amongst the Fossil Fuel lobby. And all of this within just a few days. LaMalfa has become the Energizer Bunny of the Radical Right with all his newsmaking activites from Ammo conspiracies on Fox to Keystone to the endorsement of Gay Bashing Supervisors to praising the merits of Coal. LaMalfa is proving himself to be an embarrassment to California.

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