Sunday, March 8, 2015

Thoughts on Turning 54....

I turned 54 yesterday. I realize that has no significance to anyone other than me. So be it. But as I take another step closer to the grave, bucket lists and resolutions come to mind. As we age we start to accept the fact that we probably aren't going to ride a bike across the US. And a Thru Hike of the Pacific Crest Trail probably is not going to happen.

But goals are important. So are resolutions. Resolutions are more likely to be kept if decided on a birthday than on January 1. An individual birthday is more important than the mass Times Square, seldom sober, New Year's Day hangover resolution.

And so I resolve a couple of things for the next year:

1. I will step on the scale everyday. People who step on the scale daily weigh less than people who don't. As this is written one day after my birthday, I am in total compliance with this.

2. I shall take at least a thirty minute walk everyday. I have a new job that is very, very demanding time-wise. I spend too much time in the car driving only to sit and talk to a client and then repeating the process until my butt is sore and my voice is hoarse. I need to take the time to walk.

3. I shall limit my screen time. I spend much of my life charting Nurse stuff for my job on a fancy electronic tablet. That thing is always with me. In my leisure time, writing and reading articles on a screen are important to me too. In fact, I should be working on an article right now instead of plucking away at this computer. I spend too much time wasting my life away looking at Facebook and reading all the articles my very intelligent friends want me to read. I love this and love what I learn, however I need to limit this time.

4. I shall not look at my work E-mail from Friday evening until Monday morning. My workplace expects me to check E-mail on Sunday Night. I shall not comply with this rule. Work takes up too much of my life.

5. I shall take an electronic Sabbath of 24 hours in length every Saturday or Sunday with the exception of my phone because I am on-call 24/7 for work.

6. I shall have an outdoors event planned for every weekend.

7. I shall buy a canoe and go fishing.

8. I shall take a trip to the Pinnacles in order to try and catch a view of the California Condor.

9. I shall hike from Sierra City, California to Belden, California on the Pacific Crest Trail.

10. I shall go camping more with Joni and our delightful dogs.

11. I shall start to reduce my meat consumption and eat more veggies. We shall go more "Ornish" as we say in our household. It is good for me and good for the planet. A win/win. I feel convicted by my Enviro Vegan friends to make this adjustment.

12. I shall keep a log of both my walking times and my weight from stepping on the scale.

That about does it. Feel free to write me and ask about my progress.

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  1. Kia ora Allan,
    Hope it is all going well...