Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cowboy LaMalfa; YubaNet


The guy in the cowboy hat? That'd be my United States Congressman: Doug LaMalfa. Where is he? He is at a hearing room in the U.S. Capitol building. I think it is quite arrogant and disrespectful to wear a cowboy hat to, what is supposed to be, a sober event. What were they discussing at this hearing? Cutting Food Stamps by 2.5 billion dollars and also making it more difficult to apply for Food Stamps.

I think LaMalfa wore the cowboy hat on purpose: it conveys an attitude of manliness; a cavalier spirit as he "rounds up" others to cut funds to the poor. The subliminal message is that of the independent, self-reliant frontiersman who is on a crusade against dependency and entitlements. "Yahoo! I'm cutting the ability to feed children. That'll show those welfare weasels, gaming the system as they spend their handouts on booze and strippers."

On another note, I rewrote one of these blog entries and sent it off to a very popular on-line newspaper. Yubanet has been around since 1998 and is a model for how to run a business that competes with "tree media". The website actually turns a profit and, at the same time, provides a great service to the communities of Nevada City, Grass Valley, Marysville and Yuba City. Immensely popular (especially for their coverage of wildfires), people all over the Sierra turn to them for news and opinion. I'm told that they get quite a few hits from Sacramento. They provide a decent Liberal Counterpoint to much of the Right Wing Neanderthals that inhabit this region.

I submitted a version of one of the entries I wrote on this blog which was published today. Part of why I do this is to flex my writing muscles. To practice and get ideas and inspiration for things that just might be good enough to send to an editor. To read this blog is to be a sounding board. A guinea pig. Thanks!  I liked the What Is To Be Done piece and the good folks at YubaNet were brave enough to publish it. It is fairly courageous of them to publish an essay that is inspired by a tract written by Vladimir Lenin. You can read the piece here. Give them a visit: they deserve it for their brave coverage of the Sierra Foothills.


  1. you're a left wing douche nozzle
    what you don't know you consider wrong or inappropriate
    maybe you should crawl out of your grass and bird shit house and learn a few things before commenting about someone's hat
    I'll leave you to find the right information and then post again
    you arrogant asshat
    How's that Obama transparency working? dummy

    1. Hey, Anonymous, if I was a coward like you, I wouldn't sign my name either.

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  3. Ah Bill, the poor guy (and it is a guy)---he doesn't have anything original to write. I heard Dennis Miller use the "Douche Nozzle" term on his radio show last week. Whereas I do know one Right Wing Idiot who might write something like that, it is hard to tell these Fascist Wannabees apart. No originality, nor use of punctuation, nor utterance of any useful critique; they just bellow like a donkey, imitating those other egomaniacal Right Wingers like Limbaugh and Levin, who have dropped political discourse in this country to uneducated depths not every seen in this country. Yes, this writer resorts to misogyny, just like their heroes in the Tea Party who hate women, gays, liberals, Hispanics, moderates (RINO), educated people, college professors, welfare recipients--in short, anyone who isn't White, Dumb, and who wears deodorant on a regular basis. Nah, let this guy go: he can embarrass himself just by pecking his barf bucket stuff on a keyboard.