Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rules for Living...

Well, my doctor called me and assured me that the PSA is nothing to worry about. "We'll just keep an eye on it and check it again in three months". Given the medications I take, she felt that things were just fine. Having complete trust in her, I breathed a sigh of relief and now need to get on with this task of living.

I'm not the sort of guy who likes pithy sayings. Frankly they annoy me. All those cutesy Facebook postings with motivational sayings and photos of puppies or kittens--they make me nauseous. But having spent a few days contemplating end of life issues, well, a guy just can't help but be more appreciative of the extra time allotted. A gift. And so when I wrote a friend about the past few days, I found myself writing about my rules for living. I made an attempt at a pithy list. It's not as advanced as the Rules of St. Benedict, but it is a start:

Live each day. Take care of your body. Eat a vegetable and a piece of fruit at every meal. Laugh a lot. Try to do some good. Smile. Read every day. Write every day. Spend time outside every day, hopefully in some woods or a canyon. Take a daily walk. Watch birds. Notice trees. Make room for other creatures. Be simple. Floss. Sweat three times a week. Go backpacking, at least, once a year. Run away from drama. Don't take more than you need. Give back more than you take. Sleep under the stars once a week during the summer. Leave the toilet seat down.

What would your rules for living look like?

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