Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bring Back May Day!

May Day just might be the best holiday of them all. It is the holiday for Pagans with Socialist tendencies. The perfect Red/Green festival. It is a day where you can celebrate Gaia while saluting the gifts that the old whiskered one, Karl Marx, gave humanity. Of  course, many on the right would say that May Day is a plot of Agenda 21. I'm sure they think that May Day is part of the war on Christmas and that somehow, the UN, or the Masons, the Communists or maybe the Illuminati, are behind it.

My Pagan friends call this day Beltane. The importance of the day seems to revolve around having sex outside. ("Hooray, Hooray, it's the first of May; Outdoor F&&cking  begins today".)  It is the day for reading Dan Brown or Marion Zimmer Bradley outside on your sun deck underneath an Earth First flag while wearing a Che' Guevara T-shirt and sipping a Cuba Libre. You can let your Freak Flag fly on May Day. Dance around the Maypole. Put some flowers in your hair. Roll in the dirt.

I kind of miss the parades that the Soviet Union used to have on May Day. I liked the intrigue of western scholars watching how the Politburo lined up where the Soviet leaders watched the lines of missiles and soldiers marching below. Did Gorbachev watch the parade with Brezhnev? Or Chernenko? Can you remember Chernenko?

Combine this with childhood memories of ringing doorbells and leaving May Baskets full of candy and flowers, and then running away before the girl you left the basket for could run and catch you and kiss you. Why would anyone run? Why did I run? Would my life be different if one of those gals had caught me?

May Day is a holiday that needs more attention. More celebration. Bring it back. Take the day off. Put on tie-dye. Go skinny dipping! Read a biography of Eugene Debs. Be thankful for the 8 hour day and vacations and sick days and overtime---all gifts from the American Left influenced by Socialists and Communists. Nature and Labor: I'm for both of them.

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