Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rolling and Shaking..

Sitting in my living room the other night, in my Lazy Boy chair, it felt like the chair was a boat riding on waves. This peculiar experience lasted for a few seconds. I looked up at Joni, who was in the kitchen making dinner and I said "Earthquake!"(Yeah, I know; me in the Lazy Boy; Joni making dinner--I've got it good). And then the big Jolt hit. Our Ponderosa wood log beams creaked and swayed. Seeing as I built this thing with some friends, earthquakes make me wonder about the ability of the house to withstand earthquakes. I watched the eighteen foot, vertical beams sway. There was some more shaking for another five or six seconds. More swaying. The whole episode lasted around ten seconds. Ten very long seconds.
The Earthquake was a 5.7 and was centered around 35 miles north east of us as the crow flies. It is being called the Greenville quake. Greenville is a beautiful little town, just a few miles away from Lassen National Park. We stop there to buy snacks on our way to the Park.
Greenville had some damage. We didn't. This is the second 5.0 earthquake or higher that we've been close to in the past couple of years. We lived for five years in the earthquake filled San Francisco Bay area and didn't feel one. Move to more stable places and we feel earthquakes. Go figure.
There have been several aftershocks from this earthquake. Any quake over 3.0 is considered to be "feelable". This thing has had multiple 3.0 or higher, all the way up to 4.9. This page lists the seismic events.

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