Friday, December 13, 2013

LaMalfa and Logue and the Air in China

Well, Doug LaMalfa left the Tea Party right wing and joined John Boehner and most Democrats in voting for the budget agreement. Granted, the budget deal is skewed towards the Republican view of things. Still, he left the True Believers behind. Why? I'd guess because it is getting a little late for anybody to mount a primary challenge against him. The coast is clear so he need not worry about any challenges from his right. Good thing too. Doug's extremism was getting more than a little embarrassing. Looks like that visit John Boehner made to Doug's farm in the summer of 2012 paid off handsomely.

And then we come to Dan Logue who is running for Congress in a District currently held by a Democrat John Garamendi. Logue had this article in the Sacramento Bee blaming the loss of jobs in the United States, and income inequality, on (drum roll please) Government Regulations.

Yeah right.

In the early 90's the "plant" that kept my hometown alive picked up and moved to Mexico. Why did they leave? Well, first off there was no penalty to do something like that---in fact, there were tax incentives to do that (gotta shrug your head on that one). And why did that plant leave along with thousands of others, first to Mexico and then, for many of them, to China? Labor costs.

But Dan Logue trots out his continuing war on air quality boards and the management of diesel trucks. I guess Dan Logue would be happy to have our air resemble the polluted skies of the cities in China where people have to wear masks inside, let alone go outside.

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