Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Nest. Doug LaMalfa on the Take? Dan Logue's Paranoia...

Somebody has been building a nest in a Ponderosa. Do you see it?

We haven't figured out who is building this thing. We do know by the scat underneath it, that it is a fairly large bird. A hawk? We've found evidence of feathers from other birds that have been caught with only a few feathers as evidence, very near this nest. I've seen a hawk flying around close to here quite a bit. I don't know what species. My knowledge is pretty much limited to identifying a Red Tail. I need to learn more.

2014 resolution: Spend more time identifying trees and birds.

We will continue to monitor this nest and see if construction continues on it. It isn't complete: they haven't finished the floor of the thing. From the green boughs though, it is obvious they have been working on it recently. Joni and I just noticed it today--and we walk by it everyday.

I've been remiss in not talking about the local politicians. Well, they haven't been idle this Christmas season. My favorite, Doug LaMalfa (and the Congressman many suspect forced the Park Service to issue me citations---I have no proof other than conjecture from almost everyone who is familiar with me and my discussions in print about LaMalfa). After all, his staff knows me by name; I've embarrassed him and have been highly critical of him in print; he has blocked me from his Twitter feeds for no apparent reason; his chief of staff, Mark Spannagel, is known for such childish tricks and also didn't accept my request for following him on Twitter; and LaMalfa is drunk with power---so again, I have no proof other than every left wing journalist who lives around here has said the same thing: LaMalfa ordered it. I wouldn't put it past him. He never did offer to pay my fine.

So what has LaMalfa been up to? He has offered legislation for a casino to acquire land in southern California to house their employees. A county Supervisor there has lots of questions of why LaMalfa is butting into something that is none of  his business. The tribe that runs the casino gave LaMalfa a thousand bucks in a campaign donation. But that is chicken feed to Doug. There must be something more to the story. So Doug, please tell us: Why are you involved in this land grab in southern California?

Dan Logue, the Assemblyman who believes global warming is a fraud, has now done everything in his power to keep poor people from getting health insurance. He was quoted in a Kentucky newspaper (which grabbed it from the Sacramento  Bee) that the government wants the health information to snoop on you. Here is the direct quote:

Even as the exchange works to come into compliance, some elected officials say they don't see it as the state's job to get involved. GOP Assemblyman Dan Logue questioned what health insurance policies have to do with residents registering to vote.

"Are they going to threaten to cut off their health care if they don't register to vote?" asked Logue, vice chair of the Assembly Health Committee and a member of the Assembly Committee on Elections and Redistricting. "Is that the next step by an overreaching government that thinks they should tell us how to blow our nose and when we should do it?"

Logue, who is challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. John Garamendi next year, said public confidence in the law and the exchanges was eroding.

"Nobody trusts what the big government says. Nobody believes them anymore," he said. "There's always an agenda that goes beyond health care. The real fear is: What is that agenda?"

And to end this thing, here is Dan Logue writing an Op/ED in the Marysville newspaper (one of the last of the Right Wing Rags that will publish him). Dan is concerned about Democrats taking away the right to vote in this piece. Of course, Dan Logue has argued for years that Hispanics are cheating in elections, committing massive voter fraud. He also claims thousands of Carolinians who were dead voted in the last election (all of it turned out to be untrue upon investigation). No matter. Doug repeats it anyway as part of right wing lore. So for him to be all upset about appointing politicians to finish out terms, well, Logue's concern for the democratic process is a bit suspect. You can read the piece  here.

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