Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter Snow and more.

Cold here. Cold everywhere, it seems. The low tonight is supposed to be 19 degrees Fahrenheit. We had a bit of snow fall overnight. Usually it melts the next day but this time, as in the rest of the nation, cold temperatures will mean the snow will stick around for a bit.

We took a short hike in the snow with the dogs. The dogs ran and ran and ran---enjoying the powder. We had fun watching them and playing with them. Moments like that are delicious; best to savor them.

Nelson Mandela died a couple days ago. A great man. I was contacted by the editor of the ChicoSol to write a response. You can read it here.

Out of curiosity I checked out our Congressman Doug LaMalfa's Twitter feeds to see if he had any statement regarding the death of Nelson Mandela. LaMalfa has two Twitter feeds--one for his Congressional office and another that is very informal and, at times, downright offensive. I checked both of them for any word about Mandela. The result? No mention of Mandela.

I'm blocked from following Doug LaMalfa's informal Twitter feed, but that doesn't mean I can't read it. I find it amazing that so many media types can follow that feed and never comment on the feed's content. It is often sarcastic and juvenile. Definitely on the extremist fringe, he retweets people who post images of Obama as Hitler. Yes, he will retweet the opinions of weirdo  kooks, but he goes out of his way to block the respectful opposition from following him. Par for the course for LaMalfa. Play to the gallery and run from the more serious minded people.
I'm getting a bit tired of the Republican party. It seems they want to stop the agreement with Iran. Do these right wing knuckleheads really want war? Is it because President Obama negotiated this thing that they decide to sabotage it? These people hate Obama more than they love America. Don't ever let them tell you otherwise.

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