Wednesday, December 25, 2013



Well, this was an activity filled Christmas with plenty of food and plenty of people around the table. Lots of gifts. Smiles. Joni gave me Satellite radio for the car. Now I can listen to music and talk radio, something other than the Right Wing tripe offered on the local stations. My CD player died years ago---a victim of this Concow dust. Now my commute should be a bit more pleasant.
It was a good Christmas.  Kylie got "spider bites"---yes, a piercing that kids are into these days. I'm not one to approve of such an act, but she has proven herself with her commitment to school. Work hard in school, you get what you want. That's the rule. Sucks.
Joni will get new Binoculars. Recommended by Cornell University and their Ornithology program, she should receive them in March because of the backlog from the endorsement.
Jazmine was happy to receive a Ukulele.
The girls made me a new Hiking Stick. It is etched all along the thing. A bit crooked. Sturdy. With "Owl--an" carved into it. When the girls were young they couldn't say my name. Allan sounded like "Owl--an". Like the Owl---an. An inside joke and a precious Walking Stick, sure to protect me from rattlers and Pot grower's pit bulls. Strong enough to fend off a mountain lion. I look forward to using it.


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