Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day 2013: Losing My Che'

Labor day. I headed out with the dogs for my hike wearing a Che' Guevara T-shirt and a bright pink bandana. I couldn't find a red one more appropriate to the occasion.

Yet another long hike down the canyon. A four hour endeavor that I lengthened by doing another loop added to the canyon hike. The canyon hike was an afterthought; I'd planned on just going half ways, but felt guilty that the three dogs have been such troopers and they haven't been able to swim.

They were happy when I made the decision to go the rest of the way to the river. They know the plan. And they love to splash and play in the water.

The way up was long and hard. I lost my Che' T-shirt. I lost my water bottle. We made it home exhausted and feeling a bit loopy. Why am I pushing myself so hard? Because I have a stress echocardiogram and I'm hoping that I won't be hauled off to surgery to  have a stint put in or a bypass done. At this age, we want to have these procedures done at a much later point of life.

Perhaps there is a moral question here. Is it appropriate to wear a Che T-shirt? He is a polarizing figure, so I tend to wear this thing where people won't see me. There are those who see Che' as a brutal murderer of thousands of people. The best biography of the man states he actually condemned (and pulled the trigger on) about 60 "war criminals". Che' was in charge of the war tribunals after the success of the Cuban Revolution. I'm not certain that armed rebellion wasn't the most effective way to stand up for justice in Latin America at the time. In death, Che' has become a symbol for justice and ending oppression. In that sense, I don't feel guilty wearing a Che' T-shirt. But I wouldn't wear it to the mall.

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