Saturday, September 28, 2013

Proper Treatment...


I take a walk/hike everyday now that I am off of work. I've been able to rehabilitate my lungs from the ribs that were broken by taking this somewhat challenging walk daily. The dogs come with me for company/entertainment. We have a ritual of "through the woods" off leash time and general road walking where the three dogs are leashed. They are just too unruly to be off leash even though vehicles coming by are rare. But therein lies the problem: these dogs like to chase cars. And when it comes to pickup versus canine, we all know who wins.

So what's the significance of the photo above? Goat tending done right. Two large dogs, I think Pyrenees, live with the goats defending them from the local coyotes. In addition, the owners move the goats' creative fencing often that is also electrified by a solar panel and one battery. Predator friendly husbandry. The young couple who keep these goats are hard working people who love the area and do much to keep this ridge friendly to both humans and wildlife.

And if you are wondering about my work injury?

The Workers' Comp MD finally saw things my way and agreed to take me off work until November 6. Next week I get injections into my back a bit earlier than planned, which I hope will end this perpetual spasm of the rhomboid and the sub-scapular muscles in my back. After that, a month of physical therapy and hopefully I'll be able to go off these blasted pain medications that cloud my perceptions and thinking. I finally feel like I'm getting treatment for my injury and that I'm not being punished for having been injured during an assault.

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