Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welcome; Warts and All...

This blog has been referenced and pointed to on a couple of different sites where I do some scribbling ( and ChicoSol). That means a few new people might actually follow the link to get to this blog. Makes me feel like I should have something to offer once people get here. And since only ten people read the first post of this blog last fall, I thought I'd reintroduce the thing.

(And a special welcome to any ChicoSol readers passing through).

This blog is essentially about the worldview of one Allan Stellar, who happens to be a left leaning, environmentally minded,  psychiatric RN (currently on disability) who lives in a solar off the grid house made of mud. Joni, my spouse, hates the photo up at the top of this post because of the basket of laundry and the general untidiness of it. When you live in a mud house, things are always a bit dusty and untidy.

That is the view out our bedroom (my porch is a deck, but I thought this view looked better)---and across the canyon, at night, you can see the lights of Paradise, California. We do have a view of Paradise. Seems both literally and metaphorically.

This is a place where you will find all sorts of problems with misspellings and punctuation errors and other sins of grammar. I use the blog to write, which I try to do everyday (missed some days lately). It also is a blog to throw down ideas, maybe to be resurrected later; most not. This is not a place where I put my best polished work. When it comes to my best polished work, usually somebody else does the polishing.

The subject matter is Northern California--especially the politics and the media of the place. At times, I do get personal. I am currently recovering from a work injury so jumping through the hoops of Workers' Comp has been a subject lately.

Here is how I describe the idea for this blog in the very first entry, that only ten people read:

Travels, Travails and Terrors of Northern California.

Why a new blog? It's simple: I read almost every Northern California newspaper everyday. I live in Northern California. This up valley land, on the edge of three mountain ranges, is rich in characters and politics. We have the worst (and most entertaining) right wing newspapers and politicians found anywhere in the United States of America (with the possible exception of Texas and Alabama). The material is just too rich not to share. Life is too rich here not to share.

I've chronicled taking a daily walk at
365 Walks. I've chronicled building my home (still not completed, by the way). I've written about taking a solo backpacking trip
. Now I want to put it all together in a site that includes some of these things, but also expands it to what life, and politics, are like here in this Red part of California.

I can literally see Paradise from my porch. The town of Paradise, that is. Paradise, California: A town whose claim to fame is that they are the largest city in America totally dependent upon individual septic systems. Thousands and thousands of people flushing their waste with no treatment. Or, as a friend of mine said, Chico better hope that shit doesn't slide downhill.

I wander all across this state weekly. I guiltily burn lots of Carbon as I split my time between the Napa Valley and the Northern California Foothills. As such, I see a whole lot. I want to share some of what I learn, see and read here.

Should for some silly reason you decide you want to take in more of this blog, I recommend signing up for getting the thing by e-mail. I don't get to see your address. They only tell me how many are subscribed to the service. It is the best way to not miss a post; not that missing a post would lead to any major illness or serious health complications.

So welcome. Feel free to leave a message. Thanks for dropping by.

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