Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Mysterious Stone on the Pedestal...

I'm a sucker for the bizarre roadside marker. I took a new road to Chico after seeing my doctor in Willows. When I saw this stone marker, I just had to stop. To me, it looked like some sort of tribute to tool used by the Native population. Joni and I found hand sized version of rocks similar to this.

But no, the marker was identifying the burial place of a William Ide. I didn't grow up in California, so I missed out on the California history (and hence, never had to build a model of a mission which every grade school kid has to do through out the state). William Ide led the Bear Flag Revolt, when they captured a Mexican general and declared the Bear Flag Republic. The country lasted a few weeks before the beginning of the war with Mexico whereby the US ended up stealing California from Mexico.

The Bear Flag Revolt was in 1846. William Ide died in 1852 and was buried in an unmarked grave about 800 yards east of this bizarre monolith. Ide died of Small Pox, which was probably the reason for the hasty burial in an unmarked grave.


  1. interesting -- as a kid, growing up near orland we took a field trip to the Ide Adobe, his home near red bluff. that too, is worth a visit.

  2. That adobe house is worth a visit. Along with absolutely huge oak tree next to the house. There is some controversy whether that house belonged to Ide though. The latest evidence says he didn't own it. No matter, the adobe house is one of the last in Northern California.