Thursday, September 5, 2013

Of Life and Death and T-Vine....

Well I passed the Stress Echocardiogram. The Cardiologist who was present during the test said I should get a treadmill similar to what they use for the stress test. I just said: "Why do I need a treadmill when I have a canyon out my backyard?" Something I've been making use of quite a bit lately, getting ready for this day.

So it is more than likely that I won't drop dead from a heart attack anytime soon. To celebrate I went to Calistoga to grab a bite to eat. While there I noticed one of my favorite cult wines has a new tasting room. I had to stop in.

The staff could tell I was a fan of the wine as we talked about the winemaker who started this brand. I never met Greg Brown, but his wines were so personal it almost seemed like I knew him. Back in 2004, Joni and I were in a restaurant and ordered a T-Vine wine on a lark. It was a Syrah, delicious, memorable. We saved the bottle. After that we always bought a bottle for special occasions.

And we paid attention to the story of the winemaker. Greg Brown was married to a lovely woman who passed away much too young from cancer. On the years after her death, the sayings on the bottles of wine that Greg always put on the bottles, deepened. Became more sad. It got to be too much for him to continue making the wine, so he sold the winery to some special buyers who could continue the style and class of the wine.

And then Greg Brown suicided. He missed his wife too much. I bought one of the last wines today that Greg Brown personally put into a bottle.

Long live his memory. And the memory of his lovely wife. Tragic.

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