Sunday, September 1, 2013

Relief From Pain...

I've had a level of comfort that I haven't experienced in four months. My back has felt great since I begged the Workman's Comp MD to prescribe a bit of a "muscle relaxer" for me. Honestly, I've forgotten how good it feels to feel good. Relief! I know that this relief is chemically induced because when I get far enough away from my last dose, the knot reappears and the pain begins again. Still, it is nice to experience pain relief without being on an opiate.

I've been working on extending my distance during hikes. I've increased my hill climbing (much to the dogs' delight) and things seem to be progressing just fine. I've lost about 15 pounds and am working on losing more. Health returns with some effort.

I feel good enough to return to Modified Duty this week. Friday will be my first real work day in over four months. I am ready.  I also will continue having tests for this body that has needed more than a little bit of care this year. I will have a "stress echocardiogram" on Thursday to see just how much trouble my heart is in. I can't say that I'm not nervous; I am.

I've been reading about a gazillion books. Currently, I'm making my way through the works of Hunter Thompson. And I've been reading and preparing for the trip up to Mount Harkness.

It is raining as I write this. It's been a few months since we've had rain. And we certainly need it having been in a drought for the last two years. The air smells fresh. The temperature is down. The gentle sound of water, relaxing, cooling.

Life goes by so fast. If you can get a chance just to catch your breath, lean back into the goodness and just marvel in the simple pleasures of listening to the rain while sitting in our living room, every family member engaged in some sort of electric device (except the dogs). We could talk. Often do when we read something worthwhile.

So I guess this is a report from the family.

I'm sad to say that Belinda relapsed on alcohol. She disappeared on us one night. The next day she said she was sorry. A day later she went to Paradise to do laundry. She ended up arrested for public intoxication and was sent to jail. She was released from the drunk tank in the middle of the night and walked most of the way from Oroville to the farm (18 miles). Because she was arrested she lost her job. To make matters worse, she took off this weekend, leaving Joni and I with the girls, so that she could go see her off again, on again, boyfriend. Requests that she return early to spend the holidays with her girls have been rebuffed. We will have a family meeting tomorrow; much will be discussed. It will be a come-to-Jesus meeting.

Belinda's chances of reuniting with her daughters in her own space seems to be evaporating. I've never seen a 37 year old act so much like a 2 year old. Why is it so hard for some people to grow up?

Feeling a need for happier photos, I ran across these of our dog Abbey when she was but a pup. Three years ago. Time flies. And you won't find Rocky the cat sharing a bed with Abbey now. They've grown into their more accustomed antagonistic doggy/kitty roles.


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