Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bayliss Carnegie Library...

Wandering the back roads, driving back from Napa where a couple of doctors shot up my back with steroids, I came across one of those signs pointing to a "place of Historical Interest". Interested, I turned down a road and drove a few miles in the middle of the Sacramento Valley. The place of interest turned out to be this building which is an original Carnegie Library.

You remember Andrew Carnegie? A man of enormous wealth made from the sweaty brows of thousands of steel workers, he decided that he shouldn't spend his money on giving his workers' decent wages. He thought they would just squander the money on liquor and frivolous pursuits.  Instead, he built libraries coast to coast. This is one of them in a town that no longer exists. The library states it has been running continuously since 1917, although the doors were locked when I stopped in.

The town really does not exist anymore.

As for the success of the steroids? We need a few more days to assess, but thus far there has been minimal improvement.

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