Friday, October 11, 2013

No Mention Again by the Chico ER and others....

Just a few of us down at LaMalfa's office today. We were there as a presence to ask that this Government Shutdown, engineered by Congressman Doug LaMalfa and 78 others, and carried on by Speaker John Boehner---that this thing end. The whole thing has become pointless. I know that the Republicans are upset that the Working Poor just might have the opportunity to have health insurance, but, really, must we have such a temper tantrum that we close down vital services because of it?

In the meantime, the Newspapers of Northern California remain silent on the whole matter. The Chico ER still has not editorialized about it. Nor anybody else in the past couple of days. There was a good Letter to the Editor in the Chico ER today. But nothing from those who run the paper.

To me, their silence is tacit approval. Approve of it or not, the people of Northern California need to know that their Congressman is one of the zealots who pushed to have this mess happen. Somewhere, someplace, Doug LaMalfa should be deemed responsible for this mess.

Will the Chico ER? the Oroville Mercury? the Marysville Appeal/Democrat? the Redding Searchlight? the Red Bluff Daily News? the Corning paper? the Mount Shasta paper? Will anybody please come forward and mention that our Congressman is responsible for a Government Shutdown that has led to some pretty scary things?

The risk of a default by not raising the Debt Cap seems less today. Boehner is willing to give in on that, for now. Unless, of course, 79 absolutely crazy Congressmen, amongst them LaMalfa, decide that all the dire warnings about defaulting on debt is wrong and Boehner buckles, once again, to Right Wing pressure.

It is time for the Democrats to retake the House in 2014 and put an end to this irresponsible behavior by a party that has become enamored with Extremists.

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