Tuesday, October 15, 2013

They Are Nuts Enough to Push Us Over The Brink...

We keep edging closer and closer to catastrophe. The government is shut down (which is what the government hating Fascists want) and the debt ceiling has not been raised yet (again the Extremists think this would be no big deal). In the mean time, China warned us that they would like to be paid. Our bond rating is on the brink of being ruined again, just like the last time the Tea Partiers did this.
The ironic thing is that the debt is coming down. Obama raised taxes and slashed spending such that our deficit is much less than expected. It helps to wind down two wars too. The second will end soon with all sorts of budgetary savings.

John Boehner doesn't have any balls to stand up to the extremists in his party. If I were one of the Republicans who didn't sign the letter to withhold Obamacare, I'd seriously start thinking about becoming a Democrat. Hell, I think the Dems should start trying to actvely lure some of the reasonable Republicans to the light.

Of course LaMalfa remains in the dark. And you'd never know that LaMalfa is one of the 80 Representatives who are pushing for default on loans and are keeping the government shut down. There has been no mention of this in any of the papers. They are staying away from the budget debacle--and I don't know why. Are they scared of offending readers? I'm talking about the major newspapers, specifically the Chico ER.

So honestly, I think these guys are crazy enough that they just might push the country into default. Boehner is going to have to grow a couple and appeal to the Dems to get this thing stopped. The 80 Extremists should be shunned for the remainder of Congress. No bills passed of theirs. No cooperation whatsoever until they learn how to play nice.

If I were a Republican right now, I'd become a Democrat. The patients just took over the asylum in the House.

And I sent in a long piece to the CNR today which, if the editor likes it, will be the feature story in a few weeks. Generally, the rewrites suck. They make me work. But this time, and with Joni's excellent editing, I think we've got a good piece going.


  1. lamalfa did receive (dis)honorable mention by chris hayes on MSNBC. i'm hoping hayes does fulfill his objective to profile the appalling hypocrisy of our local representative.


  2. I wish he would. You know, I'm fairly exhausted from watching these guys over the last 16 days. I think LaMalfa should send out a letter of apology to everyone in his district (on his own dime), donate his ag subsidies to the local food shelves because he hurt so many poor people with this shutdown, and then resign his office in disgrace.