Sunday, October 20, 2013

LaMalfa, McClintock, Denham: Near Universal Condemnation

Belinda reorganized one of our bookshelves. Looks nice. There's some good stuff on this shelf. Most of it acquired since we moved up here in 2008.

Well, I'm pretty sick of politics and LaMalfa after that horrible business of the Government Shutdown and the Debt Limit increase. There has been universal spanking going on against LaMalfa for having voted AGAINST restarting the Government and raising the Debt Limit. If it was up to LaMalfa, we might still be in Shutdown. The Government may not be paying creditors, and all general financial mayhem would be going on right now.

The Chico ER wrote a  decent editorial against Doug LaMalfa stating that he is an embarrassment. True. From the editorial:

"The reality is, the extreme-right wing of the Republican Party — north state Rep. Doug LaMalfa included — held the country hostage in a hissy fit over a health care law they didn't like. Well, we're not real fond of it either, but buck up, House Republicans. You lost. Get over it. Do what you can to improve the Affordable Care Act and quit trying to derail it. That train has left the station."

And it was more than the Chico ER that spanked LaMalfa. The Sacramento Bee and the Fresno Bee outright called for the three Congressman who voted to continue the Shutdown and to not raise the Debt Limit should have consequences for their action next November of 2014. From the Sacramento Bee:

"Reps. Doug LaMalfa, Republican from Richvale, Rep. Tom McClintock, Republican from Elk Grove, and Jeff Denham, Republican from Turlock, cast extremist votes. Central Valley voters should remember come November 2014."

Read more here:

 This may have been the extreme Right Wing's Waterloo and,  finally, the end of the Tea Party as a force in American Politics. I hope so, anyway.

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