Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Close the Government so that the Working Poor can't get Health Care...

Wow. What a day. For some reason, the Republicans think that some specific legislation that was settled years ago, stands in the way of a Continuing Resolution to fund the Federal Government. Now, if this was over funding an offensive war, like say the one in Iraq, that would be one thing. But the Republicans think that those who don't have health insurance, and the threat of them acquiring health insurance, is enough of a danger to the point that they chose to shutdown the government.

That's right: Keeping poor people from getting health insurance is the reason why I may not be able to go to Lassen National Park to write a story on Ed Abbey on Friday. Are these people so mean that restricting poor people from receiving healthcare is worth bringing our economy to a standstill? These fascist Tea Partiers really are hate filled extremist pukes.

And John Boehner is a weiner for not talking back to the 80 or so extremists whose very purpose in Washington is to destroy it. They want to see the government fail. They hate government and think that there are very few roles for the government to exist. Freedom for them is freedom from government. So if they raise enough havoc to actually close down the government, they think this is success. They hate government so much, they'd like to see it whither away (but not in a Marxian sense).

Extremist Pukes. They are ruining this country.

I am in the Napa Valley where tomorrow I will be receiving shots into my scapula. We are hoping that these injections will stop the muscle spasms that have made my life miserable for the last five months.

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