Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The LaMalfa Coup

Robert Reich described what just happened over the last 16 days as a coup attempt by some extremist Congressmen who are financed by a couple of billionaires. It is amazing that we had 18 Senators and 144 Congressman vote to default on our debt and to continue the Government Shutdown. All of these irresponsible America Hating Politicians should be voted out of office. They are essentially the Gang of Eighteen and the Horde of One Hundred Forty Four--willing to risk defaulting on the debt in a "gee, lets see what happens" experiment. These Extremists don't trust the word of any experts. Global Warming? No, even though 97% of Climate Scientists confirm it is true. Some don't even believe in Evolution.

Hard to believe we'd elect these idiots. However, nothing ever gets reported in the papers about LaMalfa around here anyway. In the past 16 days, the Chico ER didn't have one story on LaMalfa, nor one editorial about the shutdown. They protect the criminals and keep the electorate uninformed.

But it is worse than that. What these guys tried to do (and a few gals) is to destroy government itself. They don't believe it is needed, so "get rid of it".

My own Congressman, Doug LaMalfa said that he would vote to end the Shutdown if it got rid of Obamacare or if it greatly reduced the deficit. He voted against it; one of the 144. I called his office and asked a hapless staff member if he knew how Doug was going to vote? "No", the staffer said as he took my name and phone number. Doug LaMalfa must have hired the most clueless staff members ever. Every right wing politician knows what Freedom Works is---they fear that this group will finance a primary challenge to their right. The woman who runs his Oroville office, Lisa D., said she didn't know what Freedom Works was. She is the same woman who tried to physically push me away from Doug LaMalfa when she figured out that I was going to ask him about Agenda 21. Didn't work. I got to ask Doug, who answered the question in the affirmative.

So we know who the extremists are. Now it is time to work to get them out of politics. Let them go back to their old jobs before they do real damage to this country.

I hope the 27 Republican Senators and the 87 Republican Congressmen who voted for sanity depart from their Extremist cousins and begin working with the Democrats who are more than willing to create some real bipartisan progress towards the problems facing this country. Hell, we should just go ahead and invite them to become Democrats.

And Boehner? More Democrats voted to end the Shutdown than Republicans. When it comes to actually governing, he needs to turn to the Adults in the Room and forget the Tea Party 80. Or 144. It is scary that 144 Congressmen voted the way they did. Amazing. Just Amazing.

This really was a Coup attempt by an extremist fringe that hates government and hates Obama. The LaMalfa Coup.

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