Monday, October 7, 2013

Woeful North State Coverage of the LaMalfa Government Shutdown...

The government shutdown that began October 1, was first called for by a letter, drafted by a Mark Meadows of North Carolina and also signed by Doug LaMalfa and 77 others---requested that John Boehner shut down the government over the funding of Obamacare. Mark Meadows is a freshman legislator from the Tea Party freaks. Doug LaMalfa is also a freshman legislator friendly to the Tea Party freaks. Rachel Maddow is reporting that there has been a plan to shutdown the government since the Inauguration of Obama's second term--masterminded by Reagan era veteran Edwin Meese and funded by, guess who? The Koch Brothers.

You wouldn't hardly know that there is a shutdown if you read the Northern California newspapers. Reading through the editorials for all of the papers in Doug LaMalfa's district, only one, the brave Nevada City newspaper, the Union, has called for Doug LaMalfa to change his position on shutting down the government. Kudos to the Union!

One other newspaper had an editorial regarding the shutdown: The Paradise Post. The Post editorial board didn't blame either side, nor was LaMalfa's name even mentioned. There was no mention that this shutdown was planned by 79 Congressmen including LaMalfa. The Paradise Post's solution is to, amazingly, stop the Congressmen's paychecks. They think this will end the Shutdown.

Nothing in the last seven days was mentioned in the Red Bluff paper. Nor the Redding paper. Nothing in the Corning paper. The Marysville paper did have an editorial complaining that Beale Air force Base isn't considered an essential base (even though they manage drones that bomb kids in Afghanistan).

One paper that has been at least a little bit critical of Doug LaMalfa is the Chico ER. Yet, David Little, the editor, decided it was much more important to write about the fantasy State of Jefferson last Sunday rather than write about the reality that the government Shutdown was brought about by the actions of our Congressman LaMalfa. Shameful!

I guess you just don't mention things that you are embarrassed about. Come on editorial writers, get it together! Do your research on our awful Congressman LaMalfa! Inform us, don't ignore us.

In the meantime, there have been demonstrations against Doug LaMalfa. Redding had one last Thursday as did Oroville. We will do it again in Oroville this next Thursday, assuming the Shutdown is still ongoing. The Chico ER did have a feeble attempt at covering the LaMalfa protest in Oroville. They sent a reporter, Mary Weston, whose report reads like a very disinterested students attempt at taking notes in a calculus class. Terrible reporting.

Over the weekend I went to a National Park that is in Doug LaMalfa's district. Lassen National Park is closed. Partly out of civil disobedience and partly out of  a contract to write a story about the Park, I hiked into the Park and spent the night on the peak of Mount Harkness where Ed Abbey wrote Desert Solitaire. It was a once in a lifetime event to have a National Park to yourself. I slept under the stars, with the new moon making it very dark, and watched a beautiful display of amazing starry beauty. You should be able to read about this adventure in print in another publication in about a month.


  1. So glad to find you. Life in LaMalfa's district is hard for lefties like us.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Aaron. Yeah, it is tough to be in LaMalfa land, but that doesn't mean we can't raise a little bit of hell once and awhile. Onward!

  3. Great article! It makes me sick to think that he got the majority of votes in the last election and that I'm living in such a cesspool of narrow-minded hateful ignoramuses but it certainly doesn't surprise me.