Saturday, October 29, 2016

An Open Letter to the Butte County Democratic Central Committee regarding Measure L

Dear Junta,

"All politics is local" goes the old expression. And nothing could be more local, or harmful, than the explosion of the Cannabis Industry in Butte County. We've been fighting about cannabis policy for the past four years, with ballot initiatives showing up four times now in as many years. Most of us are sick of it, but the Extremists in the Inland Cannabis Growers Association keep tilting at windmills, believing that just "one more vote" will persuade the voters to abandon their prior positions and take a hit of the bong.

Somehow the leaders in the Democratic Central Committee have managed to back the losing horse in these races. I forgave you for your misguided backing of the Industry's Measure B in 2014. I understand that many of us old Liberal/Leftists who live in the urban areas have a certain nostalgia for getting high. It brings us back to our youth, when we were rebels, arguing against the system as we waged peace while getting stoned prior to having to actually work to make a living.

The voters soundly rejected the Cannabis Industry's Measure B and, instead, overwhelmingly approved Measure A--which intends to end the commercial Cannabis Industry in Butte County.

Why do you think the voters did that? Because they love the Jackboot of Government on the Potsmoker's neck? Because we are all just Sheeple, who spend our time going to church, praising Jesus, while cleaning our guns and roaming about town with Trump bumper stickers on our F-150's?

Or maybe the voters don't approve of what the Cannabis Industry has done to Butte County? Maybe they care about a permissive substance abuse culture that leads to mental illness and decreased lifetime incomes for our youth? Maybe they care about our youth?

Maybe they care about our wildlife? Have you visited rural Butte County lately? Have you seen what has happened over the last decade? Save the Whales! for sure. Fight Fracking! Absolutely. But you can't let the Pot Industry divert our streams, slaughter our wildlife, and destroy habitat.

I don't think the voters care for yet another greedy industry that poisons the earth and puts our youth at risk.

Many of us in the Democratic Party expressed to you, our leaders, that we didn't like your endorsement of the Cannabis Industry. So what did you do? With no debate, you endorsed the Inland Cannabis Association's Measure L that will usher in a new age of exploitation in Butte County, if passed.

Again, this was done with no debate. And with no input from the rank and file Democrats, like me.

The No on Measure L people are easy to find. The guy who heads up the No campaign is a Democrat. BSANE, which has pointed out the excesses of the Cannabis Industry, was created by FOUR DEMOCRATS! I know. I was there. And yet, I've heard it said that BSANE endorses the militarization of the police. Rubbish. BSANE is a simple website, heroically run by a guy who has voted for Democrats his whole life.

It seems that the Central Committee has become a Junta. What is it with your love of substance abuse?  When you don't listen to anybody but the Extremists in the Inland Cannabis Farmers' Association, you have ceased to honorably represent your constituents. You have stifled debate. And your endorsement, if passed, will change the culture of rural Butte County forever.

Please, this is not about prohibition. This is about an out of control, greedy industry that you seem to love being in bed with. Shame.

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